Children’s YOGA and the 5 senses

Children’s YOGA and the 5 senses is the title of a new DVD that truly goes to show that yoga for children can be both fun and challenging. The yoga DVD is, roughly, for 5-10 year olds as well as for their parents and siblings.

Anyone can join in!

Creator of the DVD Sisse Siegumfeldt, who has been teaching childrens yoga since 2005, points out there is absolutely no competition in yoga and you don’t have to have special talents for it in order to start. Every kid will find his or her own strength in the multitude of 35,000 different yoga positions.  And it’s lots of fun, as well.

Focusing on the senses, Sisse and the yoga kids will guide us through 5 funny and poetic tales of bouncing ninjas, fire-breathing dragons, blind crabs and skydivers floating on clouds. The entire programme lasts 45 minutes, and you can pick and choose from your favourite sections. Yoga can be a useful tool in furthering your child’s body awareness, and parents of yoga-children might very well notice a clearer focus, a better sleep and happier kids loving yoga!

Watch the trailer, right here.

And be sure to visit the website, for more information.

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